December 29, 2020

My Dear Brothers and Sisters,
This year’s unique Christmas celebrations were eerily moving, both joyful and nostalgic. The music was beautifully performed.
The videography was superbly produced. The overall experience was touching, sacred; a holy communion with one another via the screen.
Below are words of appreciation that our Music Director, Joe Hebert,
sent to our sisters and brothers who worked tirelessly to enhance our Christmas joy. We thank them too, and we thank Joe! Once again, we benefit from his creative genius and his profound spirituality. I am sure that I speak for you when I say that Joe Hebert is truly a blessing to our Corpus Christi Family!
On Sat, Dec 26, 2020 at 11:27 AM Joseph Hebert  wrote:

Dear Music Ministry,

Wishing all of you a Merry Christmas!
I don’t have to tell you just how odd and difficult this year has been for so many, yet in the midst of the struggle is the Light of Christ.
That Light is compassionate, creative, hopeful, expressive and filled with the indescribable wonder of music which touches everyone so deeply.
Though this is the first time in 35 years that I haven’t directed a choir at Christmastime, I’m also aware that I wouldn’t be a choir director if it were not for the joy I looked forward to in ministering with you to our Corpus Christi community every week. My heart is filled with gratitude and appreciation for the 10:30AM Choir, 5:00PM Schola, and 8:00AM Cantors, and I’m looking forward to us rejoining our voices sooner than later.
I want to thank the Schola of online singers, Claire Chaix for playing piano/organ as well as editing all audio, Dan Parenti our artistic videographer (usually plays bass), Sarah Mockel for assisting Dan, Matt for playing Violin, Steve Burke for MCing the Caroling, Art Siu and Karen Keil for creating such a beautiful environment, and Karyn Caruso for coordinating the website with the 50 or so liturgies we’ve produced.
In case you haven’t seen the Caroling event, Christmas Eve Mass (with prelude music), or Christmas Day Blessing – they can be found on the Corpus Christi website.
Merry Christmas Peace and Hope,
Joe Hébert