My Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I want to update you on the state of the Parish. I would like to begin by thanking you for all the phone calls,
texts, emails and letters you have sent to Fr. Basil, the Parish staff and me offering your prayers and support.
We feel your love.

About a month ago, I wrote to you about my concern with the state of our Parish finances. Your response has
been tremendous! Many of you increased your donations. Some of you are now taking advantage of the
convenience of using PayPal (credit card), or direct bank deposit platforms to insure that the Parish receives
your contribution on a regular basis. Others are mailing in, or walking in their donations. We are so grateful
for your continued support. Your Easter donations surpassed our budget projection for this year; it was
above $46,000.00!!

Although you have been very generous, planning ahead we have to assume that there will be times when we
will not meet the weekly budget of $10,500.00. It is with this in mind that we have made significant changes in
how the Parish staff will be paid in the future. Moving forward all non-exempt staff members will be paid a
set amount for hours worked. We have a great staff and I would like to pay them more, but this arrangement
makes it possible for us to avoid furloughing anyone. In solidarity with you and the staff, I am reducing my
monthly salary by 15%. Together we will get through these difficult days.

Many of you received phone calls from fellow parishioners on behalf of our Parish Family,
but unfortunately we were unable to get in touch with some of you because of outdated phone numbers.
Because we don’t know how long we are going to be physically apart, it is important for us to be able to
connect with each other by phone, email and the website. If you have not received an email and/or phone call
from the Parish, please take a moment to update your contact information with us. Please send your email
and phone number to: I’m sure that you have all heard the old adage, “The Parish that
communicates together, stays together.”

I want to thank Joe Hebert, Daniel Parenti, Karyn Caruso, Claire Chaix, and volunteer lectors for the
fantastic work that they are doing in producing our weekly virtual Masses! Unfortunately, I do not have
information to share with you at this time about when and how we will be able to physically come together as
a Faith Community. This is why it is it so important that we stay connected virtually.

Starting next week, I would like to communicate with you by the use of our website. I propose we do this: if
you have any questions that you would like to ask me or have a topic that you would like for me to reflect on,
please send me an email and I will answer your questions and share my reflections on the website.
Well, this is enough for today! Let’s continue to pray for each other. I will see you at Mass this weekend on
the website.

Fr. Leo