Lectors, Altar Servers & Eucharistic Ministers


For schedule changes or questions, contact the ministry coordinator at ministries@cc-parish.org

Lord God, be on my mind, on my lips and in my heart as I humbly proclaim your Word.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Lector Ministry

How will I know when I am scheduled to read?
Monthly you will receive a lector schedule from the Lector Coordinator. In addition to the schedule being sent out, you can view the schedule in Ministry Scheduler Pro (MSP) or on the Corpus Christi website. When you receive the schedule, note the date and the reading assigned.

A reminder will be emailed to you 6 days before you are scheduled to serve. Please reply by Thursday to this email to confirm that you are still able to serve. If a reply is not received, a substitute will be requested for your assigned reading.

How do I request a substitute?
If you are unable to read on that date, you are responsible for finding a substitute. Scheduling is done online through Ministry Scheduler Pro (MSP). Use the application to request a substitute if you are unable to serve.

How do I accept a substitute request? When a substitute is requested an email will be sent to all lectors who are available to serve. If you are able to serve, please click the link provided in the email. It will take you to MSP where you can accept the position. The person requesting the substitute and the person accepting the position will both receive a confirmation email. If you have accepted a substitute request and you do not receive a confirmation email, then the position has already been filled and you are not scheduled for the position.

How do I prepare my assigned reading?
Practice reading ALOUD multiple times. Read slowly and clearly. Become very familiar with the text. When practicing, project your voice as if speaking to the people in the back of the church. Read the workbook notes and the other readings for the day. It’s always a good idea to prepare both readings. If the other lector does not show up, you may be asked to read both readings. If you have time, it’s also helpful to review the readings from the past few weeks to obtain more context for the reading.

What am I supposed to do before mass?
On the day you are serving as a lector, arrive at church at least 15 minutes before mass is scheduled to start. Sign in on the schedule in the sacristy. Practice your reading ALOUD from the Book of Readings. If you are the first reader, read ALOUD the Prayers of the Faithful. These are located in the binder.

The celebrant will pray with the lectors, acolytes and Eucharist Ministers in the sacristy before mass. When the prayer is completed, the lector for the first reading will take the Book of Readings and place it on the ambo open to the first reading, adjust the microphone and place the binder near your seat. Then walk to the back of the church. The lector for the second reading processes in with the Book of the Gospels, but it’s negotiable. Usually, the lectors sit in the first row closest to the ambo, but it’s not essential that you sit there.

How do I process in? You will process in with the celebrant, altar servers, Eucharistic ministers, etc. You will process in right in front of the celebrant. Whoever is carrying the Book of Gospels should hold the book up high, walk up to the altar and place the book on the altar. The front cover of the Book of the Gospels should face the congregation. It is not necessary to open the book. The Book of the Gospels will stand on its own when the book is closed. Then walk to where the other lector and the celebrant are standing, flanking the celebrant. All face the altar and bow. After bowing, go to your seat and finish singing the entrance song.

What are my reading responsibilities? When it is your turn to read, walk slowly to the ambo, pause and get yourself situated. If there are people who have arrived late, allow a short amount of time for them to move to the pews. If the children are leaving the church for Children’s Liturgy of the Word please allow them to leave the church before you begin to read.

Then proclaim the beginning of the reading (such as, “A reading from the letter of Saint Paul to the Ephesians…”), take a breath, and SLOWLY proclaim the reading. It is helpful to pause at the end of sentences so that your listeners can ponder the message. It is also important to project your voice all the way to the end of the sentence so that each word can be heard.

When you have completed the reading, pause, look at the assembly, and then proclaim, “The Word of the Lord.” Be very deliberate with this phrase.

If you are the first reader, please advance the pages of the Book of Readings to the second reading of the day.

If you are the second reader, close the Book of Readings and place it on the shelf in the ambo. This will leave space for the celebrant to place the Book of Gospels on the ambo. Then return to your seat.

In addition to the readings, what are my other responsibilities?
Generally, the lector who read the first reading is responsible for reading the Prayers of the Faithful. These are read from the ambo after the Creed. As the Creed is ending, move to the ambo, open the binder and prepare to read.

Additionally, you will be invited to hold the celebrant’s hands during the Our Father.

How do I leave the church?
During the recessional song, wait until the celebrant is near the altar, than walk and flank him in front of the altar, face the altar and bow together. You will then process out of the church. There is no need to retrieve the Book of Gospels for the recessional. It remains on the ambo.

What are the final tasks for lectors?
Walk around to the sacristy. When the recessional song has been completed, return to the church to retrieve the Book of Readings, the Book of Gospels, and the binder and return them to the sacristy.

Thank you for giving of your time and talent to be a part of this important ministry.

Altar Servers

Contact the Fr. Leo at (510) 530-4343 or for more information.
Boys and girls in grade 6 or above and adults serve at Mass on the weekends.

Are you interested in a fun and rewarding ministry? We are looking for adults willing to serve as acolytes at the 10:30 liturgy.  Training will be provided and a commitment to serve only once every few months is all that is required.  (If you are a 6th, 7th or 8th grader and aren’t yet serving, we welcome you to join the team for all Mass times.)

Eucharistic Ministers

For more information, contact the ministry coordinator at ministries@cc-parish.org

These individuals share the Body and Blood of Christ with the assembly at Mass.


Some Masses have a Coordinator and are on hand to make sure all positions are filled before Mass and assisting the Lead Ministers with cleaning of the bowls and cups after Mass. If the coordinator for your Mass is not present or there is not one, it is requested that both Lead Ministers make every effort to see that most if not all positions are filled prior to the start of Mass.



Before Mass:

Both lead ministers should arrive at least fifteen (15) minutes before Mass and check the following:A) The Lead Bread Minister’s responsibility will be to check the Tabernacle for the key.B) The Lead Minister of the Cup’s responsibility is to check the credence table for bowls, cups and purificators:  1) 5 p.m. & 8 a.m. Mass, four (4) bowls if Fr. Leo presides and three (3) bowls if Fr. Basil presides (Fr. Basil uses the bowl brought up during the offertory when distributing communion), there should be four (4) cups and four (4) purificators.  2) 10:30 a.m. Mass, six (6) bowls, six (6) cups and six (6) purificators.C) When serving with Fr. Dan or an outside of the parish priest, the Lead Wine should be sure to note if there are any elderly parishioners who need to be served the bread and wine right after the consecration. If Fr. Dan heads for his presider position, please steer him to these parishioners.D) Sign in at the Reconciliation Room.

Communion Rite

At the Sign of Peace the Presider goes to the Tabernacle, brings the Ciborium to the Altar and distributes the consecrated bread into the bowls. Father Basil will often ask one of the Ministers to do this for him; if asked to assist please remember to return the hosts after communion.The Presider will then turn and offer Communion to the Lead Minister of the Cup. The Presider followed by the Lead Minister of the Cup carrying the cup handed to him/her by the Presider will offer Communion to the other ministers and altar servers (beginning with the bread ministers). After distributing Communion to the ministers, the Presider returns to the altar. The Presider will then hand the bowls and cups all ministers. The Presider will either provide the Lead Minister of the Cup with a new cup or he/she will use the Chalice that was used to serve the other ministers.

After Mass:

A) Lead Ministers (#1 & #4) are to bring the cups and bowls to the Sacristy for cleaning.B) Any remaining particles of Host are to be swept into the Challace using one’s index finger. The consecrated wine combined with the Host particles is to be consumed; under no circumstances should anyone pour consecrated wine down the sink.C) Following the 8 a.m. Mass please place five or six bowls (depending on who is scheduled to Preside at the 10:30-see item 2 above), 6 cups and 6 purificators on the credence table in preparation for the 10:30 a.m. Mass.D) Please note that after the 10:30 Mass the hand washing bowl and the cruet are left on the sacramental sink cover and are not put back in the cupboard. Please leave the corporal cloth on the credence table. It will be taken care of after the liturgy.


ALL OTHER EUCHARISTIC MINISTERS (assigned and substitutes):

Before Mass:

All assigned ministers are asked to arrive at least ten (10) minutes before Mass and check in at the reconciliation. Please put on a cross and wear it until you have finished distributing Communion. (All other ministers are requested to go to the reconciliation room upon arrival to make sure all positions are filled.)

The Procession:

Five (5) minutes before the start of the Liturgy, all serving ministers (unless you are unable to process) are to form two lines behind the altar servers and process to the Altar. At the Altar the Eucharistic Ministers of the Holy Communion are to stand to the left and the right of the readers and Presider. The reader carrying the Book of the Gospels will place the Book on the Altar and return to stand beside the Presider. At that time the Presider and all liturgical ministers will bow to the Altar then go to their respective seat for the celebration of the Mass.

Communion Rite:

All serving ministers are to approach the Sanctuary during the sign of peace. The bread ministers are to stand to the left of the Presider and the wine ministers to the right. The first minister on either side of the Altar is to stand parallel to the Presider. All other ministers should form a line going towards the back of the Presider leaving ample space between themselves and the bottom step so that there will be enough room for the Presider and the Lead Minister of the Cup to distribute communion.It is at this time that all non-serving ministers should be observant to see whether there are enough ministers in the Sanctuary. Please come forward if you see that we are short of ministers:1. At the 5:00 and 8:00 Mass there should be three (3) bread ministers and four (4) wine ministers standing around the altar waiting to receive Communion; and,2. At the 10:30 Mass there should be five (5) bread ministers and six (6) wine ministers standing around the altar waiting to receive Communion.After you have received Communion, please move close to the bottom step so that the Presider can hand you your bowl or cup. All ministers are to remain in place then following the lead of the Presider are to go to his/her designated station to distribute Communion to the assembly.

Special Instructions for those serving
at the 2, 3, 5 & 6 Positions:

1) At the 5:00 and 8:00 Masses:  a. (Fr. Leo presiding) Fr. Leo has asked that after ministers 2, 3, 5 & 6 have finished serving their section of the assembly they proceed to the center to assist him and the other three ministers. (Please note on the position sheet where these ministers are to stand.)b. (Fr. Basil presiding) Fr. Basil wants the four ministers in the back (near the piano) to bring forward their bread and wine and present it to him and the Eucharistic Ministers in the front. He does not want the EMs from the back to stay up front. They return to their seats after presenting the remainder of the bread and wine.2) 2. At the 10:30 Mass: When those serving at positions 2, 3, 5, & 6 have finished distributing Communion to their section they are asked to go up to the other ministers to check and see if anyone is in need of bread or wine. If that is the case, either pour your bread or wine into the other minister’s bowl or cup or simply trade your bowl or cup with him/her. It is of particular importance at this Mass you check with those ministers at the side stations. (Unlike at the 5:00 and 8:00 Mass those serving at the 10:30 are not to stand in the center area and serve.)3) When you finish serving, place your bowl or cup and the cross you are wearing on the credence table and return to your seat. Do NOT consume the consecrated wine at this time. It will be consumed in back after Mass.4) The Presider will return the reserved consecrated hosts to the Tabernacle.